Balancing Purpose with Performance

Finally, a fund that makes good on the money

Our focus is fourfold; deepening existing relationships with capital partners, creating a social impact framework, establishing the correct investment case and choosing the right social impact measurement firm. This approach enables us to design bespoke Impact Investing strategies at scale, all mapped to UN SDG’s. The GII Women & Girls Fund is our first fund, with five more in development following this blueprint.


Women & Girls Fund: translating social impact into an investment case

We have developed the world’s first Impact Investing strategy focused on women and girls. Through active management, investors receive a financial return while also driving social impact for women and girls.

Our ecosystem solution engages both the private and public sector, enabling the fund to invest in companies that promote gender equality through policy and action. In addition, we provide grants and support enterprises that provide health, nutrition and education to women and girls.

While the fund is monitored and mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the fund will focus on key social impact metrics around infant mortality, number of girls educated, gender equality in the workforce and more.



Other tailored funds under development

Our mission is to blend the best investment capital with the brightest social impact innovations, helping to create the biggest impact on the most challenging issues and we’re always keen to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, communities and corporations aiming for similar goals. All our funds have zero exposure to alcohol, gaming, tobacco, weapons, fossil fuels or adult entertainment companies. Currently GII is considering investment in the following domains:

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A fund that matches term deposits via investing in cash and short-term debt instruments with a focus on diversification, liquidity and growth. This fund will initially be launched for Indigenous businesses.

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Investing in solar and battery assets in Australia while engaging with the community to devise meaningful impact via employment, education and health services for regional and rural communities.

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Developing a multi-speciality tertiary care hospital which will become the hub of an emerging “hub and spoke” health services model with an emphasis on women and children.

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Delivering commercial returns by investing in health and wellbeing companies whilst also putting a component of the growth to Cancer research and prevention charities.

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Investing in well-being and entertainment sectors designed to deliver a commercial return whilst also putting a component of the growth generated to grassroots arts initiatives to improve employment and mental health of the Arts sector.

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